Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Migrating UFS to ZFS on the fly: Mission impossible or Mission will be completed

Although ZFS has already been proved so powerful and flexible, few of our customers have the plan to migrate their UFSes to ZFS.

One reason for this is most of them believe that ZFS works well in labs, but they won't believe it can perform well in their production system. After all, ZFS is such a new thing comparing with other mature filesystems including UFS. This can be changed by time. I believe they will change their minds as many expedient data that will be provided by the users who are working with ZFS.

The other important reason is probably that they won't take the risks of long down time while copy data of several TB without the intelligent backup tools such as VERITAS NetBackup and automatic filesystem replicate tools.

If Sun microsystem won't provide some tools of migrating UFS to ZFS on the fly, ZFS may would be mission impossible for the users having data of several TBs, even hundreds of GBs. What a pity!


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